Driver tuition from Jay

Jay is also very experienced in driver training.

He has worked with both amateur drivers with very little experience and professional drivers who are racing and winning at the high end of the motorsport ladder.

Jay is a qualified ARDS Instructor and has worked for many different car manufactures such as Lotus, Ferrari, Vauxhall and Alfa.

Having tuition can improve your development as a driver massively. Drivers spend a lot of money trying to improve there cars but the biggest gains come from having a professional driver passing on their knowledge.

Having tuition from Jay can knock seconds of your lap time. Some of the things Jay will work on depending on your level of experience are listed below.

- The correct racing Line
- Race craft
- Weight transfer
- Heel and Toe
- Left foot Braking
- Driver Fitness
- Car set up
- Mental approach to Driving

If you are interested in using Jay and learning from him, please feel free to contact Jay through this website or by the email address listed below.